Photography has been a passion of mine since I bought a camera to take underwater pictures at the age of 12, and it has slowly crept its way into my life since then. I spent part of my childhood growing up in South America, which instilled in me an intense desire to travel and experience the world, and photography helps me to connect with the people and places I encounter along the way.

While traveling I have been fortunate enough to interact with people from many different backgrounds, cultures, and religions from all over the world.  I have also seen the harsh economic conditions and realities many people in the places I visit face everyday.

While most of my photography does not focus on these issues, many of the people I have had the good fortune of meeting and photographing live under extremely adverse conditions. Much of the developing world still struggles everyday to access clean water and many other things we tend to take for granted on a daily basis. Social and economic progress in these places can be quite painstakingly slow and difficult and doesn’t happen by itself, but everyone can do something to contribute.

Even the smallest of actions can have an enormous impact,

and I encourage everyone to do what they can, regardless of whether that involves purchasing any of my prints or not.

How can you help?

By purchasing prints or making a donation you can have a direct impact on the lives of children who need your help. 15% of all proceeds will be donated directly to the Rolina orphanage near Moshi, Tanzania.

The Rolina family consists of 35 children from the ages of 5 to 22 and is headed by a wonderful man named Rosmin and his wife.  Not only have they given their children a second chance at life, they have also successfully placed all of their children in secondary school and one of their sons has just graduated from university.

To put this in perspective less than half of all students pass this secondary exam and only 36% attend since many cannot afford to pay their school fees. Less than 1 percent of all students in Tanzania will reach university.

Please help Rosmin to keep up his amazing work by either purchasing a print or making a donation!

If you would simply like to make a donation to the orphanage please contact me via email at StephenRavndal@gmail.com.